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Understand All the Nuances of Your Property
Buy Your Home With Utmost Confidence
Have a Detailed Inspection Report for Future Reference
Understand All the Nuances of Your Property
Buy Your Home With Utmost Confidence
Have a Detailed Inspection Report for Future Reference
Understand All the Nuances of Your Property
Buy Your Home With Utmost Confidence
Have a Detailed Inspection Report for Future Reference

Tualatin, OR Home Inspection Services

With Octopus Home Inspections, you’ll receive an unbiased, visual home inspection. The home will be thoroughly assessed from roof to foundation to identify any safety issues and help you understand the current conditions and nuances of the property.

Buyer’s Home Inspection
(Prepurchase Home Inspection)

This inspection, which takes place prior to closing on a home, covers hundreds of components in the home and includes a written report and photos, clearly outlining the current condition of the home and any safety concerns. With this report, buyers will have all the information they need in order to make a fully-informed decision and prepare for future maintenance.

Warranty Home Inspection
(Builder Warranty Inspection)

Most home builders offer a one-year warranty on the materials and workmanship of the home. Near the end of the warranty, we recommend an inspection to prepare a list of items to present to the contractor.

New Construction Home
Inspection (New Construction
Phase / Draw Inspections)

These customized inspections are completed for homeowners or construction lenders during the construction process. The home is inspected at various stages in the building process as part of the quality assurance process or to allow for the release of the next phase of funding.

Seller’s Home Inspection
(Pre-Listing Inspection)

Completed prior to listing or selling a home, our pre-listing inspections will give current owners an idea of maintenance needed. The report will help you sell the home more quickly and seamlessly, providing potential buyers with confidence in the condition of the home.

Maintenance Home Inspection

These inspections help homeowners identify issues that need maintenance or replacement. They can help you avoid larger, more expensive repairs in the future and help you prioritize any issues that require immediate attention.

Sewer Scope Inspection

We will conduct a thorough inspection of your sewer line to help identify and prevent issues such as cracks, root intrusion, pipe separation, pooling water, and broken or collapsed lines.

Radon Testing

Radon is a leading cause of lung cancer and other serious health conditions. Our radon testing service will help keep you and your family safe!

A Home Inspection Company You Can Trust

Buying a home is a significant, life-changing investment. Unless you’re a construction professional, buying a home requires a huge leap of faith. Finding the right home inspector is just as important as finding the right home.
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The City of Tualatin

Located in the Washington County, Tualatin is a city with a population of around 26, 054. It is a Southwestern suburb in the Portland Metropolitan area, located to the south of Tigard. The city is named after the Tualatin River that flows along the northern boundary of the city. It covers a total area of 8.23 square miles and hosts an upscale shopping area knowns as the Bridgeport Village, which opened in early 2005. It also hosts the Nyberg Woods, a neighborhood and lifestyle center located at the intersection point of Nyberg road and I5. Additionally, there are plenty of factories on the southern part of the town, including the LAM Research plant. The city of Tualatin falls under the Tri-County Metropolitan Transportation District of Oregon (TriMet) which includes the WES Commuter Rail at the Tualatin Station. It has its own fire emergency and medical services, Tualatin Valley Fire and Rescue, and Legacy Meridian Park Hospital. Overall, Tualatin is a nice, modern community if you are looking to travel or stay on the south side of the Portland Metro area.


Tualatin Housing Market

Tualatin is a historically rich city with about 66% homeowners and 28% single residents in the region. With easy commuting, adequate medical centers, fire emergency rescue systems and good quality schools,, this area has become a lucrative real estate market. Tualatin housing market trends reflect this, showing an increase of about 13% in the value of median home sales. There are plenty of houses in this area starting with one-bedroom or two bedrooms, up to 4 bedroom houses. The median value of the homes start from around $245,000 that go as high as $520,000. Some of the houses in the premier neighborhoods sell in the millions. The median price of Tualatin’s homes overall comes in at $531,950. If you’re looking for safe neighborhoods, beautiful views, and modern, convenient living, then Tualatin is a wonderful choice!


Tualatin Home Inspector Services

If you are looking for a fair, detailed, and accurate Tualatin home inspection, then Octopus Home Inspections is the right choice for you. We assess and analyze every aspect of a house, including its roof and structural foundation, and identify all issues or safety problems affecting the home. Right from the chimney, attic, crawlspace, and roof, to the doors and windows, plumbing systems, electrical panels, circuits,, and even appliances, we will inspect every detail. We will leave you with a comprehensive report to guide you in purchase negotiations and maintenance decisions to come in the future.


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At Octopus Home Inspections, we understand that the idea of buying a home without knowing the full picture is scary and overwhelming. With this in mind, we go above and beyond in our home inspection services in order to provide you with utmost peace of mind that the home you think you’re buying is the home you’re actually getting.