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Octopus Home Inspections LLC understands that finding the right home inspector can be as important as finding the right home.

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Outstandingly professional and friendly, our new home inspection was actually enjoyable. Extremely thorough inspection report (50 pages!). They were very patient with my many follow-up questions in the following weeks. Always answered or called back within minutes. Would definitely recommend to anyone.

Nash (Google Review)

Professional and very personable. Exceptionally detailed report. After many past home inspections, Octopus is the best. The team walked us through areas of concern and provided remediation options. Highly recommended.

Bob (Google Review)

Chris and his team at Octopus Home Inspections blew my mind when it came to the service and skill you receive from a home inspection. Chris and his team were specific and thorough with the overall inspection. More so, the way he delivered this information to us was in such a friendly and helpful way and it was like we were family and he was walking through my future home showing me little things that needed to be taken care of and reaffirming and empowering me take it on! I would recommend this team and specifically the owner, Chris, to anyone looking for a home inspection — I’ve already personally shared his info 4 times with friends who are buying and under contract since my inspection last week. Overall, absolute delight amongst the chaos of the home buying process!

Sarah (Google Review)

Chris and Andrew did an excellent job checking out the house… (they) did a very thorough inspection of the entire house, found many surprises, and gave suggestions for solving said surprises. Everything is categorized as critical or not, with details about what could happen if the problem is not corrected. Being a Hvac technician, I see plenty of home inspections, and they are not always this detailed. Great job, will hire again and refer to all my friends and family.

Brad (Yelp Review)

Chris is amazing… I had the pleasure of working with him for 3 inspections. His attention to detail is absolutely uncanny. One of the inspections ended up resulting in us backing out of the offer due to many of the issues that he found and easily saved us hundreds of thousands of dollars if we had not hired him for the inspection… Some home inspectors I find require you to decipher the reports, but Chris' are so well put together and easily color coded that there's basically no ambiguity. Can't recommend Octopus enough!

Matt (Yelp Review)

We have had the best experience with Octopus Home Inspections… It was so nice to have someone take the time and attention to give us a very thorough walk through, even explaining what years different additions were made to the house. They were very fast turning around the report and we very much appreciated that our inspector was comfortable enough to tell us that he did not feel that he could give us a good opinion based on the sewer scope and did not charge us for that section of the report. I will recommend and use this company again without a doubt.

Craig (Yelp Review)

Chris of Octopus Home Inspection did a remarkably fastidious job inspecting my new home... Chris did a wonderful job of walking us through the house and educating us about every issue that he found. He was detailed and verbose, giving us robust explanations and answering all of our questions… Ultimately, thanks to Octopus Home Inspections, what appeared to be the home of my dreams on its face is now definitively the home of my dreams in all aspects - that is to say, every screw is tight and I can sleep soundly knowing that my home is the absolute best it can be.

Johnny (Yelp Review)

Octopus home inspection is the best inspection company I've used to date. Very thorough, knowledgeable, and they gave much insight to the problems we faced during our inspection. I am in the construction trades myself and found octopus to be a hands down good decision due to the professionalism and deep knowledge base. If they have a time slot open, TAKE IT!!

Matt (Yelp Review)

Octopus Home Inspections came highly recommended in my circle of friends and family. The owner Chris made time to inspect our new home just days after we received an accepted offer... I thought I was knowledgeable when it comes to home repair, but let me tell you, he spotted items that would have taken me years to discover... We got his final report the day of the inspection and since it was so easy to understand, negotiating repairs with the seller was a breeze. I highly recommend Octopus Home Inspections and wouldn't even consider using anyone else in the future!!

Brandon (Yelp Review)

The Octopus Home team inspected our new (hopefully!) home and were very efficient, thorough, and professional. We met with them at the end of their inspection and they walked us through everything in detail, and were able to answer all of our questions and suggest helpful solutions for the issues that came up. I would definitely recommend them for your home inspection needs!

Ariadne (Google Review)