Client Reviews

by | Apr 22, 2015

We had Octopus Home Inspections out to do an inspection for a 1941 Craftsman home we were interested in purchasing. My wife was dead set on buying this house from the first time she saw it… so all that was left was just to have it inspected for additional piece of mind. When Chris gave us a tour of the house when he finished the report, he showed us the foundation damage where it was starting to buckle inward and explained to us how the damage had originally occurred and what to expect in the years to come. Long story short, my wife was heartbroken, but we decided not to purchase the house since the house would eventually need to be lifted up and the foundation replaced due to water damage from the water from the downspouts was never diverted away from the house. We found another house not much further down the road that my wife was pleased with and of course we had Chris return for another thorough inspection. Another bang up job by the inspector, but this time we were able to make an offer since there were no major issues found. I would definitely recommend Octopus Home Inspections to anyone in the market for a competent home inspector.
Thanks, Chris.
John and Sherry Wilson

My partner and I just had a home inspection by Chris at Octopus Home Inspections. Chris took his time and even crawled into a small crawlspace access he found in the floor of an old addition on the front of the house. It was so tight he had to take his watch off to slide through the tight crevasse he told me was an access. Long story short, he found extensive dry rot in the floor joists of that space which Chris explained was due to the lack of ventilation and damp conditions. We ended up buying the house after negotiating a reduced cost for the repairs that needed to be done.
Job well done. Cheers!
Mo Betts and Nevin Charles

I’ve never had such a thorough report so easy to read. Chris did a great job! My husband is very skeptical of services for hire of anyone, and in fact, gave Chris a hard time with an aspect of the report he did not understand. Chris kept his professionalism and was patient with Alan, my husband, until Alan understood every detail the inspection report was trying to convey. We bought the house and were able to negotiate a lower price with what Chris found. All of Chris’ observations were helpful as we go now to make the repairs. Kuddos to Octopus Home Inspections!
Nancy and Alan Keets