Chris Barry and Ben Gromicko @ Inspection Universe in Las Vegas

by | Dec 8, 2015

20151014_075010I attended the Inspection Universe home inspector conference in Las Vegas in October. I was optimistic that this would be my first chance to see what home inspection offerings there were with the intent to successfully advance my company and really diversify myself from my local competition. I took as many classes as I could, but sadly many of the lectures I wanted to invest my time in were scheduled in parallel to another great lecture I needed to attend. The final class I wanted to attend was scheduled on the last day at the last time slot. This was Ben Gromicko’s website workshop class. I know, I know…snoozer, right? Wrong… If you have seen Ben’s webinars, it is a lot like that but with a live audience. Oh ,my, was a live audience what this guy needs all of the time. He was animated, he was mobile and he was direct to the point.

A change happened for me that day. I was inspired to take over my own website from what had originally been created for me. This was a huge hurdle for me to overcome. I have never been much of a “computer guy”, but with some simple examples I was able to, not only overcome my trepidations but I was able to take the reigns and control my destiny.

If you are reading this, you may be asking yourself, ‘Just with one website development class? Is this guy for real?’ Yes I am. I am a home inspector. I like to crawl around under houses and in attics to see if thee are any propblems with a structure. I do not like to be anchored to my desk. Imprisoned would be another proper verb to describe my feelings about working at a desk with a computer.

Once the time had concluded and the class and conference had come to an end, Ben offered his time for questions and comments. The most notable was a guy in the back of the room. He shouted (literally shouted), and I am paraphrasing here… ‘It was bit to Ben Affleck  in Boiler Room for me’. The class, as you could imagine, whipped their heads around to see who could be making such a direct comment to InterNACHI’s Director of Education. As Ben processed this remark briefly, he then quipped  “I was going more for DiCaprio’s wolf on wall street.”

Thanks, Ben. Your the best!